The Last Sakura Blossom

The Trailer


The Introduction

“The Last Sakura Blossom” is the result of my third GameJam at Bournemouth University.

The theme was “Time” so I decided to challenge myself creating a Rhythm game.



The Team

The team was composed by me, the only programmer and Lucia Paganini: “” who worked on the art.

The Challenge

Although I used Unity several times for previous projects, this was my first attempt on a rhythm game.

I wanted to make it playable with the PS4/Xbox controller and have the notes automatically generated. Although I did not figure out how to instantiate the notes in automatic but I achieved my objective to learn how to set up the Joypads.


Future development

As for now, the project is still under development, It will be added the possibility to play on smartphone, a story, and more bosses and songs.

The Code


The Game