Miguel’s Birthday Present

The Trailer


The Introduction

“Miguel’s Birthday Present” is the result of my first Ludom Dare Jam.

The theme was “A Sacrife must be made” and as fan of creepy/horror game I was extremely motivated.


The Idea

I wanted to create something that looked innocent and kid-friendly but had some creepy development at the end to surprise the player.

The concept is that you are a chamaleon pinata and thanks to your color-changing ability, you can modify the color of your head, body and tail to match the toys behind you.

During the Game, you overhear a conversation between a kid named Miguel and the shop assistant, depending on your actions, you will see two different endings.

The Team

The team was composed by me, the only programmer and Lucia Paganini: “http://luciapaganini.com/” who worked on the art.

The Challenge

For this Ludom Dare jam I wanted to explore the random mechanics to make the game different every time you play, in fact both the chameleon initial colors and the Miguel favourite colors are randomly choosed at the beginning of the game.

Another big challenge was to be able to detect the player color at the end of the gameplay and trigger the right ending.

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The Game

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