Feed The Axolotl

The Trailer

The Introduction

“Feed The Axolotl” was my last project of my first year at Bournemouth University.
The brief requested me to develop a Rube Goldberg machine using Unity and C#. For this task, I decided to let a marble explore some of the classic games until it ends in the “real world”.

All the characters models and drawings are made by me as fan art of the already existing characters.


The Challenge

Kirby in Unity

As a Game programmer, I never had any chance to model in 3D, so it was very unexpected to see that as part of the brief, it was mandatory to complete a 3D Rube Goldberg Machine.

Although it was quite hard at the beginning, I decided that I wanted to create all the assets by myself.

Thanks to this experience, I started to understand the basic of 3D modelling and designing part of a game.

Kirby Background in Unity





The Models

Here there are some of the models.

GameBoyColor model

    Game Boy Color

Link from the legend of Zelda model

The Legend of Zelda series: Link with Bow

Nintendo Nes Model

  Nintendo Nes with Joypad

Deku Tree in Unity

The Legend of Zelda series: The Great Deku Tree

Darumark   My Avatar

Chu Chu characters in Unity

   The Legend of Zelda series: Chu-Chu BubbleBobble

  Bubble Bobble Series: Bub


Nintendo Rob


The Legend of Zelda series: Chu-Chu 


The Repository