The Trailer

The Introduction

DreamsReader is the result of the first Game Jam I partecipated. the theme was “dream” and I wanted to create something different, a Visual novel.

DreamsReaders is a game that follow the adventures of a psycologist named Mark, he has the special ability to enter inside people dreams and find clues to solve mysteries.

The Challenge

As a new student of Game Software Engineering and with no previous expirience in programming, I was quite intrigued to participate to a Game Jam.

This experience helped me to understand how to manage my time efficiently and work on a restricted time to a fairly big project.

Unfortunately working alone was a bigger challenge than expected and it resulted on an unfinished game.

The Future Development

As a great appasionate of “Visual Novel” is one of my objective to keep working on this project and release a full story, although I would prefer work develop it using C++ or C# languages instead of a Game Engine.